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NEW Childrens Book!

The newest, fun and captivating tale from Nancy Benson, Adventures of Fairies and Dragons, finds Hunter the Dragon off on another exciting adventure with his buddies and Sylvie the fairy from Fairyland!

REVIEW: American Writing Awards, May 2023

"Childlike prose and fun characters carry the day as Nancy Benson delivers a charming continuation to her first book Fairies and Dragons."

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Award Seal 395-1668977508158.png


2022 American Writing Awards

Adventures of Fairies and Dragons 

Children's-Picture Books

Book no.1
Book no.2
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This is a children’s fantasy book about a lost baby dragon that is taken care of by tiny fairies who help him find his way back home. He makes new friends and learns that even though dragons and fairies are so very different, they can still be friends and live together.



Winner Seal - San Francisco Book Festival.png


2022 San Francisco

Book Festival 
Fairies and Dragons 

Children's Books  – Honorable Mention



2022  PenCraft

Book Award 
for Literary Excellence

Fairies and Dragons 

Children's Books – First Place

Another book COMING SOON!

Cover Adventures copy.jpg
Cover Adventures copy.jpg

American Writing Awards, May 2023

Book Title:
Adventures o
f Fairies and Dragons  

hildlike prose and fun characters carry the day as Nancy Benson delivers a charming continuation to her first book Fairies and Dragons. The story begins when the baby dragon, Hunter, loses his way during flying lessons. He ends up in a faraway land, a land of fairies called Fairyland. Hunter bonds with the fairies of Fairyland. One fairy in particular, Sylvie, becomes good friends with Hunter. After only a short time in the land of the fairies, Hunter is discovered by his father, The King of Dragons. The king ushers Hunter home while promising future protection to the fairies as retribution for taking care of his lost son. While back at home, Hunter and his precocious friends, Carlos, Kramer, and Baxter learn to breathe fire. It is during this fire-breathing lesson that Hunter displays childlike honesty. He tells the elder teacher, “Fairies can turn fire into colorful ashes!” After being directed by his father to stay quiet about what he knows about the fairies, Hunter learns a valuable lesson. Sylvie, Hunter’s fairy friend, makes a surprise journey to Dragonland. Hunter is pleased to see his friend. However, his joy quickly dissolves as he learns that Sylvie needs help. Fairyland is in trouble!   Will Hunter and his friends help save the magical Fairyland? 

Adventures of Fairies and Dragons is a story inspired by a grandmother’s love and experiences for and with her grandson Hunter. As inspiring as the story is to the older population to read to and value the generations hereafter, it is equally as influential to the younger reader with its lessons of love, honesty, loyalty, and equality.   Adventures of Fairies and Dragons…A tale that is sure to capture the imagination of the young reader.  

Author Bio: Nancy Benson lives on the island of Maui in Hawaii, where she has the pleasure of having her grandson Hunter on Saturdays. With Hunter’s six-year-old imagination, we created our first book Fairies and Dragons. We had so much fun, we decided that more adventures were needed for our exciting characters.  
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